Offering freedom to a broken world.

Wellsprings of Freedom International is a freedom ministry located in Rock Island, IL that invites Jesus into the process of helping people find healing for past emotional wounds and freedom from spiritual oppression.

Each week, more and more pastors and church leaders serving across the United States and missionaries serving internationally are contacting us, wanting to learn more about our ministry.  They are asking for our help in dealing with situations for which they lack the training.  In fact, the demand for churches wanting to be trained by Wellsprings of Freedom is so great that on average, we are now sending out one mission team-a-month to different churches across the United States or overseas!

What humbly began as a small band of faithful volunteers over fifteen years ago has now blossomed into a rapidly growing non-profit organization with nearly 300 volunteers serving globally on a regular basis.  In addition to our Healing Center located in Rock Island, IL, Wellsprings of Freedom has already trained another 20 ministry teams in places such as Hamburg, NY, Kernersville, NC, Marion, IN, Holland, MI, Wheaton, IL, Frankford, DE, and Sioux Falls, SD.  And the number of teams being trained only continues to increase each year!  All of these teams are now part of The Wellsprings Network.  We are all united under a common mission of OFFERING FREEDOM TO A BROKEN WORLD.

Benefits of Splashes From Wellsprings

After spending years helping people find freedom and inner healing, there is much we have learned.  We know that freedom sessions are the basic ingredient necessary for inner healing.  Without this component, people continue to struggle with deep wounds and spiritual bondage.  However, it is not the only ingredient necessary for long-term success.  After our Wellsprings freedom sessions, we need additional help to maintain our freedom.  A few of us manage to stay free on our own, but the rest of us need periodic support and encouragement.  Splashes from Wellsprings will provide you with the tools you need for ongoing success.  Our website is full of helpful tips, video instruction, and spiritual insight on how to deal with those problem areas that keep hindering our spiritual journey.  By signing up for “Splashes,” you will not only receive hundreds of new and useful tips throughout the year.  You will also provide ongoing financial support to pay forward the ability for others to receive freedom sessions at no cost.


  • Get the tools you need for continued freedom
  • Articles and advice from people who understand spiritual warfare
  • Stories of hope from others walking the freedom journey
  • Great resources for when you feel weak
  • Get the truth you need to overcome demonic lies
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Weekly scripture posts for your encouragement
  • Spiritual insight for maintaining your freedom
  • Scriptures to combat the enemy
  • Your membership will help us take freedom ministry to the world


  • Free wallpaper downloads
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Song recommendations for your encouragement
  • Suggested prayers to keep the enemy at bay
  • Video teachings
  • Provides the financial support necessary for us to offer free ministry sessions
  • New materials will be added every month
  • Opportunities to request articles that will meet your specific needs.
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